1. We purchase only low mile well maintained or new machines. Our machines are regularly serviced by Twin Pines Motor Sports. We rent both single rider and 2 up machines. You can see our current selection of machines on the ATV Rates page.
    Yes, currently the City of Creede has decided to prevent ATV operation on any of the City streets. You can either rent a trailer from us to take the machines to the trailhead or we will deliver them for you at no charge.
    The state of Colorado requires that all renters and riders be "of age" to ride a rented ATV. This means that all drivers/renters must be 18 years old.
    2 up ATV machines are designed for two passengers and these are the only machines which may take a passenger.
    Because of the terrain, and remote area of the ATV areas we can only rent ATV's to experienced riders.
    Most cases 15 – 30 minutes. Larger groups sometimes take a little longer. The more organized and prepared your group, the quicker we can get you on the trail.
    We provide a DOT approved helmet for all renters. You need to bring the appropriate riding clothes including shoes. Water, food, jacket, camera, gloves, sunscreen, sunglasses are all recommended.
    Reservations are always highly recommended. Even if we have a lot of availability a few days before always make a reservation. There are many times we book up a couple days out and if you just show up you may not get a machine. Do remember that a deposit is required for all reservations and is non-refundable. 
    The two primary (but certainly not the only) riding areas are off the bachelor loop and Wheel National Park. We are less than 1.5 miles from the bachelor loop and 5 miles from the Wheeler trailhead.
    Three reasons. 1. Terrain. 2. Location. 3. Service and Experience. Creede has some of the most spectacular mountain trails in all of Colorado. There are many historic mining camps and ruins throughout the mountains which can only be seen from a off road vehicle. Our location at the entrance to the City of Creede places at a convenient location not only for access but access to the trail. We also have a variety of trailer choices to fit your needs. We not only are frequent users of the same trails you will be using but we have been in the tourist business in Mineral County for many years.


Beartown Road (506) Difficult

Carson (518) Moderate

Crystal Lake (532.2A) Difficult

East Willow Creek (502) Difficult

Fern Creek Trail (815) 

Jarosa Mesa Four Wheel Drive Road (547) Moderate

Wheeler Geologic Area (600)Difficult

West Willow Creek/Rat Creek (503, 504, 505) Easy

Stony Pass (520) Difficult

Regan Lake (521) Easy

Pole Creek Trail-fishing (820) Difficult

Phoenix Park Road (502-1A) Difficult

North Long Ridge Road (556) Easy

Nelson Mountain (549.2) Difficult

Miners Creek Trail (803) Moderate

Lost Trail Creek (821) Moderate

Love Lake Moderate
Pool Table Moderate

All County Roads Easy

Mineral County has a variety of trails to choose from whether you are looking for an easy ride through the aspens or a white knuckle ride to places few have ever gone. We have it all!